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The Alabama Asian Cultures Foundation (AACF) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization founded in 2005 to nurture and support Asian artistic and cultural organizations in the metro Birmingham area, and in the state of Alabama.  


The mission is to enable all cultures in Alabama to enjoy and celebrate Asian arts and cultures.

Our motto "unity in diversity" means we bring diverse groups together through education and cultural programs to foster diversity, international understanding, and friendship.


We host programs and events to raise awareness of our mission, and to begin enhancing everyone's appreciation of Asian arts and cultures. 

The beautiful garden (left) is the Master of the Net Garden, in the ancient city of Suzhou, China, home to many original gardens. Suzhou-based architectural firms have collaborated with American colleagues to build all the North American Chinese gardens so far, and ours would be built similarly, thus continuing the tradition. 

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